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We have a great selection of skateboards, long boards, and accessories in stock. Manufacturers that we stock are Santa Cruz, Sector 9, Blind, Birdhouse, and Tony Hawk. Come in today to see them all.

Inline skates

Inline Skates

We carry Rollerblade Inline skates. The Rollerblades in stock are the men's and women's models as well as kids. The kids skates are expandable in a 4 size range. So these will last for years as your kids grow. Stop in and check out the selection. RV&E Bike and Skate also sells Rollerblade protective gear.

Hockey skates

Hockey Skates

Winnwell is a manufacturer of recreational hockey skates that are sold at RV&E Bike and Skate.  We also offer a recreational Softec Hockey Skate that is perfect for non hockey player.  These skates are Thinsulate lined that will keep your feet warmer while you are ice skating.

Figure skates

Figure Skates

Don Jackson is a premier manufacturer of recreational, amateur & professional figure skates. At RV&E you will find Don Jackson Ice Skates beginning at $120.00. Don Jackson is a traditional, lace-up skate designed for adults and kids taking figure skating lessons. These skates will conform to the foot like leather and make for a smart, long term investment! Stop in and learn more about them! Once you try them on, Don Jackson will always be your choice in figure skates.


We are very proud to carry MSR, Redfeather, Outdoor Research and Wigwam; all products by these US manufacturers are MADE IN THE U.S.A!

Snowshoeing is fun, easy to learn, and our Redfeather and MSR snowshoes will get you through the deepest drifts on your favorite trails. Plus, we've got all those essential accessories to keep you warm, like Gators, base layers, socks, outerwear, hats, gloves, and more.



RV&E is your source for steel and soft tip darts in the Greater Rochester area.Customers will find a wide selection of darts available from great brands like Dart World & Harrows. Check out our online dart selection now - and if you'd like to try before you buy, feel free to stop in either of our locations to use our practice board.